Build UniMod from Sources



Put junit.jar into ANT_HOME\lib folder. Put UNIMOD_HOME\lib\antlr.jar into ANT_HOME\lib folder

Ones you have downloaded UniMod package with sources, you can build them. Build files are located under /src folder. Root build.xml may perform the following tasks:

Task Description
helpShows help
clean Removes all created folders
build Compiles, tests and assembles all subprojects. Resulting files will be put into UNIMOD_HOME/build folder, libraries will be copied into UNIMOD_HOME/lib folder, Eclipse plug-in will be copied into UNIMOD_HOME/eclipse folder.
site Build project documentations. Requires Forrest to be installed.
dist Assembles distribution packages

To run build script you must turn your environments settings. Go to /env folder, create your own folder, put build.proprties where and turn it for you environment.

To run Ant use command:

ant –Denv=<your folder name under /env folder> <task_name>				

You can build every subproject separately using it’s own build script. Go to subproject folder and type command to get available tasks:

ant help				

For Eclipse plug-in subproject use command:

ant –buildfile build_plugin.xml help				

If you want to start plug-in development under Eclipse, prepare sources with command:

ant –buildfile build_plugin.xml prepare