Tools Overview and Distribution Bundles

Tools Overview

UniMod project consists of the following tools:

  1. Java Finite State Machine Framework (FSM) consists of:
    1. FSM meta-model;
    2. FSM compiler. Do not confuse it with Java compiler;
    3. FSM validation algorithms;
    4. transformers between in-memory FSM model representation and XML FSM description;
    5. Runtime Framework for creating FSM interpreters. Interpreter here is program that accepts FSM model and process events against it;
    6. complete interpreter for stand alone applications, implemented at the top of Runtime Framework;
    7. complete interpreter for Web applications, implemented at the top of Runtime Framework and to be deployed in Java Servlet 2.x container;
  2. Eclipse Plug-in. Plug-in implements the following functionality:
    1. Graphical editor for UML Statechart and Class diagrams;
    2. On-the fly model validation that notifies user about found errors and warnings and suggests possible Quick Fixes;
    3. FSM model launcher that allows to execute created graphical model in one click;

Distribution Packages

Tools are distributed in two packages:

  • contains both tools (Java Finite State Machine Framework and Eclipse Plug-in) binary, documentation, samples, sources and build scripts;

    Bundle directory structure:
    /docsProject documentation including JavaDocs
    /envFolder with files for different environments. Content of folder is used by Ant build scripts
    /libThird party libraries and assembled project libraries
        UniMod-Core-XX.XX.XXX.jarJava State Machine Framework
        UniMod-Adapter-Standalone-XX.XX.XXX.jarInterpreter for standalone applications
        UniMod-Adapter-Servlet-XX.XX.XXX.jarInterpreter for Web applications
    /samplesSamples folder
        /MessengerStandAloneMessenger Standalone example
        /MessengerWebIMessenger Web example
        /PersistencePersistence example
        /PrisonerProblemPrisoner Problem
    /srcProject source files, resources and Ant build scripts
        /coreJava State Machine Framework source files
        /adapterInterpreters for Standalone and Web applications source files
        /plugin/eclipseEclipse Plug-in source files
        /docsDocumentation source files in Forrest format
        build.xmlAnt build script for compiling and assembling all project parts and documentation
    /eclipseFolder with ready to install Eclipse plug-in
        com.evelopers.unimod.plugin.eclipse_XX.XX.XXX.zipUniMod Eclipse plug-in
  • contains UniMod Eclipse Plug-in binary and sources. To install unzip into Eclipse/plugins directory. Use this bundle for quick start;

XX.XX.XXX – file version, where first XX – major version, second XX – minor version, XXX – continuous build number.