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Hello World Application

Shows you how to get started building final state machine based applications using the UniMod plug-in for Eclipse. view (eng) .zip (eng: 1.91 Mb)
view (rus) .zip (rus: 1.98 Mb)
Shows how to debug state machine using UniMod plug-in for Eclipse. view (eng) .zip (eng: 414 Kb)
view (rus) .zip (rus: 436 Kb)


Program developed in the first demo prints string "Hello, World!" for ten times, then it prints string "Bye, World!" and after that exits.

This program uses controlled object Counter to count prints. Event provider Timer sends event e101 to state machine. String printing is implemented using controlled object Printer that is also developed in this sample.

In the second demo it is shown how to set breakpoints, trace an application step-by-step, check the values of variables stored in the StateMachineContext.