New functionality added - FSML

FSML (Finite State Machine Language) is a textual programming language to describe finite state machines. It provides you with the alternative way of creating UniMod automaton models. Corresponding documentation can be found in Wiki. (0 comments)

Full featured sample projects at

A number of full featured sample UniMod projects are published at Site is dedicated to Automata-Based Programming and Foundation for Open Porject Documentation. That's why all published UniMod projects have full and open documentation. (0 comments)

Build 1.3.38 released

Minor Java source code generator bugs fixed (0 comments)

Build 1.3.37 released

UniMod builders enhanced:
- Builder configuration dialogs appeared
- It is possible to turn off some of UniMod builders (0 comments)

UniMod Wiki

Tutorial on Automata Based Programming (ABP)

Tutorial on Automata Based Programming (ABP) is planned to be held at The International Computer Science Symposium in Russia, CSR-2006 ( Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 8th - 12th June 2006 (0 comments)

Build released

Critical validation bug fixed. Now validation became much faster and reliable.

It's possible to install update from Eclipse using UniMod update site Note that release published on update side doesn't include viewlets and so it has size about 5MB. (0 comments)

UniMod 1.3

1. Update site (0 comments)

UniMod 1.2.15 supports JDK1.5

New UniMod 1.2.15 supports JDK1.5 and arbitrary events names (0 comments)

Articles section added to UniMod site

Now UniMod site has Articles section and the first article in it: Automatic Layout of State Diagrams. (0 comments)

Build 01.02.013 supports Eclipse 3.1

New UniMod Build 01.02.013 now supports Eclipse 3.1 (0 comments)